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PostSubject: LEAVING =MOS=   LEAVING =MOS= Icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 2:19 am

SORRY for giving up on you guys but this clan has had its run in this game not only that but we managed to beat some of the toughest clans out there. One of the issues was the lack of activity of our members , i just wasn't getting much fun out of it.IM not saying im not joining another clan witch i probably am im just a kid teenager and i guess i wasn't leader material i failed you guys but i have this thing i have to also worry about and thats high school :/ Another reason why im leaving is because clans like MNC wont battle us for some reason and we arent just getting as much fun out of the game as we should .It was also nice getting to meet some of you guys its really hard to just leave you guys behind like this but ill still be in touch with you all .i really wish we hadn't lost our server ,that left us homeless lol. i guess that makes you the CL kintaro unless you leave too and just let this clan die xP.ill you see you guys in the battlefront! cheers! cheers

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